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ABTRACT: This paper presents a case study of an institutional buildings heating, ventilation, and air-condi-tlO~mg (HVAC) .system that wa.s not providing satisfa~tory comfort control. In the investigation, significant design,.cons~ction, and
ABTRACT: This paper presents a case study of an institutional building's heating, ventilation, and air-condi-tlO~mg (HVAC) .system that wa.s not providing satisfa~tory comfort control. In the investigation, significant design,.cons~ction, and oper~tlOnal problems were discovered. Poor communication between the architect,consulting engmeers, constructiOn personnel, and owner/financier was a significant factor in the failure of the ~omfort .contro~ system. Problems ~it? the windows, insulation, design of the system zones, supply air fan, and mdoor air quahty due to poor ventilatiOn were also identified and investigated. Recommendations for correction of these problems range from obvious, low-cost actions to more substantial retrofits of the HVAC system. Actions that s?ould have.been taken. during the design stages of the project, as well as postoccupancy corrective measures,are .dlscussed wIth empha~ls on comfort, health, and economics. The results of this project show that a well-deSigned HVAC s~ste~ ~ill oper~te. poorly if the building is not constructed or operated as planned. This case study shoul~ help ~nstitutlOnal buildmg .contractors, owners, and operators avoid or identify and correct similar pro?lems with thel~ planned and existmg comfort control systems. To ensure successful operation of their deSigns, HVAC deSigners need feedback from the architect, contractors, building owners, and occupants.13017
'J.'he purpose of an air-conditioning system is to provide a
deSired set of environmental conditions within a space as re-
quired for comfort (ASHRAE 1993). Ideally, a properly de-
signed and operating heating, ventilating and air-conditioning
(HVAC) system should go unnoticed by the occupants of a
building, and energy bills should be reasonable. However,
when a commercial or institutional HVAC system fails to
maintain the desired set of thermal conditions, occupants be-
come dissatisfied with their work environment. Productivity
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m~y be redu~ed, absenteeism may increase, and the occupants
wlll be reqUIred to adapt their dress and activity level to keep
comfortable. The building studied in this project had a history
of occupant complaints about the HVAC system, with poor
temperature regulation as the most frequent complaint. The
goals of the study were to identify the systemic causes and the
resulting problems that created this building's poor indoor en-
vironment conditions. Once these causes and problems were
identified, corrective actions were to be recommended.
The building examined was a small one-story institutional
building located in the central plains of the United States
which was about 50 years old. It had separate HVAC systems
in its east and west sections. The western part of the building
was approximately 362 m2
(3,900 sq ft) and was remodeled
in March 1990. Before renovation, the western section housed
several research laboratories. During the renovation, all inte-
rior partitions, finish materials, and the existing electrical and
mechanical systems were removed. After renovation, the west-
ern side of the building was composed of many inpidual
offices, shared offices, and a research laboratory. The eastern
half of the building was not renovated, and, because of its
separate HVAC system and lack of complaints, was not stud-
In the renovation, the HVAC system of the western section
of the building was completely replaced. The new triple-deck
'Asst. Prof., Arch. Engrg. Dept., Univ. of Kansas, Marvin Hall.
Lawrence. KS 66045-2222.
'HVAC Des. Intern Engr., Bartlett & West Engineers Inc., 5835 SW
29th St., Topeka. KS 66614-2482.
Note. Discussion open until February 1, 1997. To extend the closing
date one month, a written request must be filed with the ASCE Manager
of Journals. The manuscript for this paper was submitted for review and 暖通空调设计英文文献和中文翻译:/a/fanyi/20170831/13029.html
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